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Introducing Our In-House Membership Plan: Affordable Dental Care for Patients without Insurance

Are you looking for a cost-effective dental care solution without the burden of insurance? Wyckoff & Associates is pleased to offer our In-House Membership Plan, designed specifically for individuals and families without dental insurance coverage. Take a look at the frequently asked questions below to learn more about this valuable membership opportunity:

What is the cost associated with the plan?

Our current membership plan is priced at $370 per year. Please note that the cost may change on a yearly basis, ensuring that we continue to offer the best value for our members.

What does your membership plan include?

Our membership plan covers two comprehensive exams, two professional cleanings, and regularly scheduled check-up X-rays. Additionally, children under the age of 16 receive the added benefit of two topical fluoride applications. As a member, you will also enjoy a 15% courtesy discount on all services in our office, with the exception of Full Arch Implant Rehabilitations and Orthodontics.

Does the membership plan auto-renew?

No, our membership plan operates on a calendar year basis. This ensures that you have the flexibility to reassess your dental care needs and renew your membership at the beginning of each year.

Is the membership plan available for individuals and families?

Our membership plan is tailored for individuals. It offers affordable dental care options for those who do not have insurance coverage. We recommend each family member to enroll individually to maximize the benefits of the plan.

At Wyckoff & Associates, we understand the importance of accessible and affordable dental care. Our In-House Membership Plan provides an excellent solution for individuals and families without dental insurance. With comprehensive coverage and personalized care from our experienced team, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dental health is in good hands. Take the first step towards affordable dental care today and join our membership plan.